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Drew this for a theatre in Greensboro, NC.


Drew this for a theatre in Greensboro, NC.

I don’t usually respond to people that reply to my posts/leave lovely comments in tags of my stuff but just know that I see them and you’re all darlings and I love you guys :) 

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make me choose > giles or wesley?

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American actor James Marsters playing British vampire Spike putting on an American accent.

we may in fact stand between the earth and its total destruction | the harvest

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make me choose
asked charmed or angel

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Anonymous asked:
who, could you do faith icons ??

Coming up soon hopefully :)

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buffy + autumn colours

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Anonymous asked:
how did you write the sidebar description in your theme 'cause i'm trying to and no matter where i write it it doesn't show????

Aw, I’m not sure sorry. I just type in the “description” section when I customize my theme.